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Why we?

Lovely Family is founded in 2012 to build better e-commerce

Now, Lovely Family is providing the essential solutions across Myanmar and regional areas, by connecting with datacenters from Singapore, Thailand, Japan, United States and United Kingdom. Trying to overcome the limitation of the closed doors and to increase the growth of your business.Lovely Family is now serving more than 40 customers around Myanmar and regional Areas, ranging from the retailers to enterprise solutions, targeting on Email Servers, Domain and Web Hosting and Web Development. Most of our clients are satisfied with us and continue working since the start-up is founded.Lovely Family is targed to fulfill the technical requirements come along with the development of Myanmar. Lovely Family is taking care on the long term development and sustainablility on your business and the development of Myanmar.


We provide

Domain Names

Search from a variety of TLDs starting from .com,.net to the latest sunrise domains ending with .pro and .me or .ninja. We also provide enormous features to do better support to your domain and hosting

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Power by cPanel. You can have a hosting based on your business needs. If you wanna blog, we have the blog hosting which will suits you and if you want to do enterprise. We also there to make sure you with ease.

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Each & Every hosting will contains emails, but your business requirements will made you something different to work with your enterprise domain. You have our support. Join anytime. No pain.

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Wordpress Hosting

You can start blogging or build your own website or if you wish, build your crm on your website or create an e-commerce store within minutes, create your own and leave the rest to us. No headache.

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Retrieve anytime, ANYWHERE.

Cloud Storage for anybody starting from $3.99/mo

24/7 Support

We support you anytime, anywhere with phone, email and even sms. You can get your information , help and support for your product needs.

You can even get the suggestions and pros and cons of having and adding the addons before using the plugins or addon to save your valuable time and budget.