Lovely Mail - Your best mate

The email solution for your business. Faster than ever.

Do you need an email? Are you going to connect with your customers? You need Lovely Mail. The domain name is the house address and you do need a mailbox to send your emails in. From business emails to signing up newsletters. It is up to you. You need an address to impress your consumers, and get every emails from your contacts.

What is Lovely Mail?

An email is simply mandatory tool for working with your personal and business needs. You can send the text, images, and even bigger files for faster transferring. Unlike messaging, email can store more categorized and easier to find it again.


Connect every time

Get connected from your customers, your clients, and your coworkers. Your mails are everywhere, only the basic need is the internet. We work with your best working email clients, and even existing ones.

Compatible with anyone

We are compatible with the most working browsers, including Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, and even Gnome Mail. Even the documentation will help you connect with your email and your favorite clients.

Strong support

We use the most familiar technology stack and your services and supports are always on the web. You can find our support, community support and even official developer supports.

Lovely Mail Mini5GB Storage5,000 MMK/mo
Lovely Mail 30GB Storage9,000 MMK/mo
Lovely Mail Mega50GB Storage15,000 MMK/mo