5 Experienced Tips for SEO optimization

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SEO Optimization is one of the most important works for your website. In earlier time, I'm not very much interested in working with SEO because I think that is not required to. However, time by time, there is much more importance of SEO Optimization to your website required because Peoples comes by search engines, not directly.

SEO Optimization require a Website

In a website, SEO Optimization is required. However, SEO without a website is one thing more far away to increase your sales on your website. That means like you want to increase sales, but you don't want to let your customers know about your website.

Tip 1: Build a website with SEO Optimization

Before setup your SEO optimization, try to build a website with proper information. Your SEO is good, but you don't have proper built website will makes your customers goes back and even never come back. I have experienced this thing and trying to solve these things as much as I can. You can see my current website have pros and cons and comment below. VISIT HERE.

Tip 2: Make mobile friendly

Your website will have more visitors when people can access across mobiles. There are many responsive frameworks and tools to make your website mobile friendly. Otherwise, they are not think long enough to scretch and scroll your website to suits your needs.

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Mobile Friendliness is one of the key for your success

Tip 3: use SEO plugins

SEO plugins are one of the best way to increase your traffic. I am also using SEO plugins including Yoast SEO, similar web and google search console. Otherwise, you cannot use to increase sales. 

p.s. I'm try to increase sales currently using these tools.

Tip 4: Load your website faster

You commits everything up to tip 3 but you leave tip 4. You are at hell. You must need to make your website launch faster and faster. Otherwise, your website will have to be wait for 3 hours to read Hello World.

Tip 5: Include a Blog

People research before they buy. In a survey, most of the 74% of the people do research before buying a new things. So, include a blog and manage tutorials for your website.

There are 5 tips which are extremely shorten to decrease your time span for reading each post. If you have some questions, email me or get information in related posts. or COMMENTS,SHARE.