• Responsive Websites - Make readable by phone

    Let's get a history of Responsive. In Ancient times, there are two types of websites named Mobile and Desktop Pages. The former is for Mobiles then the latter is for Desktops. When a visitor visited a webpage, the server has to determine which page to serve. The former served if the visitor has mobile and the later has served when he/she has a desktop. There is no tablet at that time. The tablet involved later times.


  • Install drupal on subdirectory with laravel and nginx- how to

    Installing drupal in a directory is one of the most headache things in configuring. If you are using with Nginx and want to use together with Laravel or some framework which is a bit tricky to use with public folders, working together with Drupal and Laravel is the most tricky all around the table. For now, we will install drupal subdirectory laravel nginx.

    Before start working with install Drupal in a subdirectory, We have to work with Laravel and Drupal Project Mix. Laravel is working with a public folder then we have to set up working with public folder first.

  • Drupal vs Wordpress - Choose the right thing

    Wordpress is one of the most best css for bloggers who wants simple and effective blogging with own hosting. Another way belong to is drupal, which has later rising CMS for web hosting platform. Which one is better suits for you. Find out the deals about Drupal vs Wordpress.


    I won't state anything about the background about the wordpress instead of the technology. Wordpress is one of best tool I have ever used to make my website and also my clients'. 

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