Drupal vs Wordpress - Choose the right thing

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Wordpress is one of the most best css for bloggers who wants simple and effective blogging with own hosting. Another way belong to is drupal, which has later rising CMS for web hosting platform. Which one is better suits for you. Find out the deals about Drupal vs Wordpress.


I won't state anything about the background about the wordpress instead of the technology. Wordpress is one of best tool I have ever used to make my website and also my clients'. 

The rule is really simple, install and run. You can install via Softaculous installer from CPanel with Lovely Family Host (Find out how to install Apps in Lovely Family Host) and start using with plugins and themes. There are tons of plugins and themes to work with and you can get your website in minutes.

Wordpress now includes guternberg Editor and you can now using your website or blogging on the go.


Drupal is for developer and built upon composer to built up. It is not only CMS but also the framework to built fast and effective websites.

They are not easy enough to run out of the box. There are themes but you require a sufficient knowledge to work with the themes and they have many fixes to put your display blocks in places. They are working with block system to display and the image system to work with.

Drupal vs Wordpress

This post will be a bit long enough to make a deep comparison about Drupal vs Wordpress and we don't provide a winner for you. We list for your requirements and if they met your requirements, you should start using one of them.

No Developer or Lowest Development Costs

If you are planning to buy your own web hosting instead of hiring a new web developer to build your own website, Wordpress will be the best solution for you. You can buy themes from the market and built on your own system to make your website looks stunning looks. There are lots of prebuilt themes in market for you.

Drupal has also pre-built themes but they require technical person to make your website usable. I have bought multiple Drupal themes but mostly, the broke.

If you choose low budget solution to host your website, choose WORDPRESS.

Budget is not a problem, need a better website

In reverse to the upper topic, You are not interested to work with the budget, but you need to work with fast and better website, Drupal comes now. Drupal requires web master and developer to build your website and takes times to work with them, you can get a better solution rather than multiple plugins and mixing tools, Drupal Comes fast. 

The images resizing and cache system in Drupal are included in core but not in the Wordpress. So, they eat a lot of memory and bandwidth in serving your website. Drupal saves lives.

Drupal is a clear winner here.


You can extend your websites using a lot of plugins in both system but you have to consider the other things. Do you need your website to work with multiple plugins with Wordpress with ease or challenge yourself working with multiple plugins with highly customizable system in core. This is your choice. I will state more in detail.

In Wordpress, you can choose or you will be preinstalled with theming system is your main webpage. Your main webpage can be single page or multi-paged websites and you want to edit with Visual Composer then your choice will be better suited to Wordpress.

In Drupal, they are block based system and you cannot drag and drop your components to work out of the box if you don't have technical knowledge, especially for me. However, after working a while, the block has its own view and you don't have to install overhead such as Visual Composer or other tools to mess up your website. Their highly configuration is built on the core. 

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In Extendability, No Knowledge: Wordpress, Knowledge with : Drupal

Self Maintainability

Drupal vs Wordpress topic is strongly based on Self maintainability of your website. If you want budget and you don't want anybody to manage your website, You need to choose Wordpress. If you have developed with Drupal and your website needs to be maintained, You should choose Drupal.

There are another downsides of both CMS is they are not easy enough to upgrade if you have used tons of plugins to run your website. They will not be mostly compatible and make your website end in a splash of white screen of death.

Beware, both can end in White Screen of Death

Learning Curve

Learning Curve is one of the most problematic thing in CMS. I have learned a lot of CMS but I failed one is Joomla. I built my website but it failed. (I would try again for better thing). Now Drupal vs Wordpress.

In Wordpress, The learning curve is so easy enough and you can start using within minutes. There are tons of tutorials over the internet and you can start working with your own hosting.

Drupal learning curve is steep. You cannot start using your website within minutes and you have to learn a lot about image managing and resource handling. Their caching system is also a mess to work with development and even Vagrant are not good enough to work like Wordpress.

Learning Curve : Wordpress


In searching documentations and getting training materials,Drupal vs Wordpress, Wordpress is a clear winner. You can't find most of the solution in Drupal if you are working on your own. If you found the solution, your solution is mostly based on code levels and if they are not compatible with your version, you are breaking down your website.


The conclusion is really clean. If you need high availability with thousands of articles with customized ability, you should go to Drupal. If you are normal blogger without thinking about much technology, go with Wordpress. Done!