• Responsive Websites - Make readable by phone

    Let's get a history of Responsive. In Ancient times, there are two types of websites named Mobile and Desktop Pages. The former is for Mobiles then the latter is for Desktops. When a visitor visited a webpage, the server has to determine which page to serve. The former served if the visitor has mobile and the later has served when he/she has a desktop. There is no tablet at that time. The tablet involved later times.


  • Wordpress font Embed

    Wordpress font embed is nowadays the most usual thing over the internet. After the release of HTML5 and CSS3, when also the time of the removal of flash on Apple devices, many devs start a way to embed and replace the tasks which flash has done before, especially decoration of font over the web. css3 supports font embeds and time flies by, google fonts come to live. Many plugins are published to provide support font embed methods, including Myanmar Unicode.

  • Drupal vs Wordpress - Choose the right thing

    Wordpress is one of the most best css for bloggers who wants simple and effective blogging with own hosting. Another way belong to is drupal, which has later rising CMS for web hosting platform. Which one is better suits for you. Find out the deals about Drupal vs Wordpress.


    I won't state anything about the background about the wordpress instead of the technology. Wordpress is one of best tool I have ever used to make my website and also my clients'. 

  • Wordpress Plugins - Top 5 : tested in 2019

    Wordpress Plugins have been played vital role in working advanced in websites. Our websites also used multiple plugins for wordpress and now rocking with super plugins. We are decided to show these tools to work with your website and if you are using, we are very glad to recommended you to use them. They are ranging from normal plugins like facebook chat icon to super plugins like speed performance websites.

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