Wordpress Plugins - Top 5 : tested in 2019

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Wordpress Plugins - Top 5

Wordpress Plugins have been played vital role in working advanced in websites. Our websites also used multiple plugins for wordpress and now rocking with super plugins. We are decided to show these tools to work with your website and if you are using, we are very glad to recommended you to use them. They are ranging from normal plugins like facebook chat icon to super plugins like speed performance websites.

Wordpress Plugins? Do I need to use them?

Sure, Wordpress plugins are key to extend your website to ready to use website. You can use them using one-click installer or other ways to increase your site performance. You'd need to use if you are using wordpress. Otherwise, meh, you cannot. Wordpress is a web apps developed by wordpress team. You can download wordpress from wordpress.org. We also provide wordpress hosting starting from 59000 MMK per Year (Approx: 42.99 USD/Year). Check it out!

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins

1. Yoast SEO

Wordpress Plugins - Yoast SEOYoast SEO is one of the most starred and used SEO plugin in wordpress. When you are start installing wordpress, you should install one instantly. It will makes you fast and works on behalf to increase your sales.

2. Facebook Instant Articles

Wordpress Plugins- Facebook Instant Articles

Instant articles is one of the main reason to attract customers to your website. Facebook cache your content and present them faster than your website. If you want to make faster loading your website on facebook, you should try this.

I have test one more thing with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) by Google. This is also good. the plugins works together but finally I used only Instant Articles.

3. Woocommerce

wordpress plugins- Woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of the best tools for working with e-commerce website in one click. It has many features including sales, shipping, inventory control and so on. You can work as you wish and you will love it.

4. WP Super Cache

wordpress plugins- wp super cache

Your website will become slow when you have a lot of content because your website have to process your content from database. The best way to speed up is working with cache. As the same way, wp super cache is working with fast caching and clearing cache when you refresh the cache. It is one of the most used plugins to work with most and every website.

5. Google Analytics

wordpress plugins - Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Dashboard is one of the required thing to track your customer and see them in your dashboard. You can track your website traffic and some other information which is valuable to your website. You can get more information about your website status in google Analytics Dashboard. It is not very much worthy, but is worth to install it.


There are currently plenty of plugins in the market. They are work with our website and you can test on your opinion. There are many alternates and if you have used them and some other alternates, please comment below.