Laravel 8 Features require PHP 7.3 - 2020

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Laravel 8 Features require PHP 7.3 - 2020

Laravel 7 has released on March 3, 2020. Now Laravel 8 comes. It uses semantic versioning and No more Laravel 7.1 or 7.2. In the previous edition, Laravel requires PHP 7.2. However, now on Laravel 7.3. If you do not have PHP version enough for your project, not upgrade. 

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Laravel 8 Features

  1. Laravel Jetstream
  2. Models Directory
  3. Model Factory Classes
  4. Migration Squashing
  5. Job Batching
  6. Improved Rate Limiting
  7. Improved Maintenance Mode
  8. Closure Dispatch/Chain
  9. Dynamic Blade Components
  10. Event Listener Improvements
  11. Time Testing Helpers
  12. Artisan Improvements
  13. Tailwind Pagination

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Noticeable Changes

Laravel 8 Scaffolding has moved from Bootstrap to Tailwind CSS and now supporting Livewire and inertia instead of Vue and Reactjs, which is both based on Vuejs. Some expert says Livewire or Intertia can be difficult to be maintained.


Support Lifetime

Laravel 8 support Lifetime will be a year from the release date. It will not become an LTS release, which means you can get only one year of support.


Lovely Family Host Customers

We are fully working on Laravel 7 and trying to get the fastest compatible support for Laravel 8. We are currently supporting on Both Laravel 7 and PHP 7.3. You can get more detail in our Announcement Panel.


Upgrading Guide on Lovely Family Host

Download the whole project as a zip file and upgrade and upload it back to our servers. You can create sub-directory and databases for testing then you can change folders if they are working well.


The upgrade time will be only 15 minutes to upgrade your works according to Laravel 8 documentation.


Things to notice if you use the followings:

  1. Horizon
  2. Passport
  3. Socialite
  4. Telescope



Do at your own risk. Backup the whole folder and database before performing an upgrade. If something wrong, please don't hesitate to open a support ticket.