Laravel 7 features require PHP 7.2.5

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Laravel 7

Laravel 7 release came on March 3, 2020. There are a lot of feature-rich changes and many developments. In this release, they focus mostly on API relay functions and one more thing, Blade X. We will break down the codes to see what should we care about Laravel 7.

Laravel 7

Laravel and its other first-party packages follow Semantic Versioning since Laravel 5.8. A major development in every six months and minor developments including patches release in every week. It has to be precise that Laravel 7 is not Long-Term Support Project.


New Packages, improvements and new features

According to Release Notes, new packages, improvements and features in Laravel 7 are as follows:

  • Laravel Airlock by Taylor Otwell
  • Custom Eloquent Casts
  • Blade Component Tags
  • HTTP Client
  • Fluent String Operations
  • Route Model Binding Improvements
  • Multiple Mail Drivers
  • Route Caching Speed Improvements
  • CORS Support
  • Query Time Casts
  • Mysql 8+ Database Queue Improvements
  • Artisan Test Command
  • Markdown Mail Template Improvements
  • Stub Customization
  • Queue Exception


We are so much interested in working with Laravel 7 then we have to take care of these changes:

  • Symfony 5 Related Upgrades
  • Authentication Scaffolding
  • Date Serialization

These changes are required to make sure your Laravel is 7 compatible.


If you are using some of them, you also have to take care of these changes:

  • The Blade:: component Method
  • Blade Components & Blade X
  • Factory Types
  • The different Validation Rule
  • The assertSee Assertion


The upgrade time will be only 15 minutes to upgrade your works according to Laravel documentation.


Before you have upgraded to a newer version of your Laravel installation, please keep in mind that these requirements are needed to make your Laravel works.


PHP version: 7.2.5