3 incredible uses of shared hosting

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Incredible - Image by nextvoyage from Pixabay

Shared hosting uses widely for hosting regular web pages, ranging from hosting static pages to e-commerce. We should know that we can use more incredible way for gaining audiences. What are they? Let's find out!

Contact Tracing

In Covid-19 Pandemic, Contact tracing become fundamental. Many customers have to fill up the boring form to work with businesses. You can create a fillup form using WordPress and generate QR then print it on your screen or a piece of paper. You only need to collect Name, Email, Phone and Address in basic requirements.

This information will store temporarily in the system, and they will leave within weeks. So, you don't have to worry about the TOS of your hosting provider.

Covid-19 Resources

Many businesses are transitioning from the traditional working system to the new online solutions. You can upload your business resources as Covid-19 Resources to make your partners incredible for faster access to your business.

Many websites are dead when the covid-19 pandemic arrives. The owners did not know how to change simple pieces of information on their website. However, We need attention to provide more information to our beloved customers.

Dead Webpages, How to escape

Web Stories

The more information we got, the less time to read each because they take times. We can use Web Stories from Google to make our visitors read fast. If they are interested, they can visit us for more. You can attract your consumers, plus they are worth for SEO.

Web Stories are great for fast loading, and the visitor can read the brief of your article or information using attractive pictures, styles and more. They can swipe or tap through the pages, or if they interested, they even click on demand.

When they clicked the website, your website is up already, and your information can go on the fly. 

Incredible: How can we get with Lovely Family Host?

With Lovely Family Host, you can embed on your website, and if you want to do the above, we can do with specific charges, starting from 100 USD per setup.