Dead Webpages - How to Escape from it

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Dead Webpages - Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Covid - 19 is spreading across the continents also millions of peoples affected. People start staying at home and work from home to prevent any exposure to infection. They started to buy foods and goods online, including big e-commerce websites to small individual ones. Kids are learning from home instead of going to school. Have your website dead webpages?

When pandemic occurs, people stay at home and peak buying online to fulfil their needs. Technology supports this to happen. We have internet, e-commerce website and more. The only thing we need to do is start a fully functional website to sell our products.

Many websites become attractive in their requirements. However, dead webpages are like a dead name card. People visit for one time yet they will never come again because they don't need to.

Now the pandemic strikes also we need to escape from our dead webpages. Here is a list to jump out of static webpage to better ones.


Having a blog

A blog is a lifestream of your business. You can share how to build products by using your products or making people educate about your product. A good example includes our website which you read and learn new things from our blog posts.

A blog should have not only about your products but also your desire for your customers. We added values for our customers to build their websites or products using our products, or send and receive emails using our email servers. A blog can acquire new users for you.


Make something build upon

The tips and tricks are requirements to building something using your products. Why do they buy if they can't get any benefits of using your product? You must show recipes for customers to explore the deepest jewels. Lipton is the best example here that there are lots of recipes using their products.


Try something worth to visit your website dead webpages

Apart from the above, you should have something worth customers to visit your website. These things can range from announcements to blog posts or even youtube tutorials. If there is nothing to read on your website, customers will never come back.


Bonus Tip: Customers will not know as you know

If you think customers are knowledgable about your product as you, you are wrong. It is my experience that some people cannot think about what they are doing even they use our products daily. We have to educate them. It will not only educate existing customers but also earn new customers who buy by researching the market.


If you are trying to jump off your dead website, we are here to help. You can request a Quotation to repair for your website and reach more market with us. We are proficient in Wordpress, Drupal, PHP and Laravel. We can tune your slow server to faster. If not trust, check the speed of your reading webpage loading visually.