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Dialogue - Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The Internet is dialogue in nature, means parties can interact at both ends. When you read this post, we interacted to allow you to read this article. Otherwise, you can see only the refusal page of your browser.

Many People uses the websites as their information printing place, like a flyer. We visit the website and access the information but nothing more to do, which is monologue style then the Internet is a dialogue in nature.


Why Monologue

The monologue is essential when you are trying to spread the message or information without any hassle. That's why monologue is a key to propaganda in any dictatorship. Monologue seems to be fast but cannot go very far.

In the Internet era, the monologue means the party who is using it have none or less technology or budget. The clearest example includes Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Myanmar's push to technology

Dialogue in Myanmar - Image by Myo Min Kyaw from Pixabay
Dialogue in Myanmar - Image by Myo Min Kyaw from Pixabay

Myanmar is a country moving from military junta to democratic since 2010. Myanmar has very few technology assets, plus even the government has very little interest in e-Government till 2016.

However, the businesses are pushing forward to technology with social media. People start using Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked-in. Facebook mainly got the attention of the public.

Many businesses cannot afford to build websites or spend a lot of money on the Internet like search engines or other advertisement platforms. They highly rely on Facebook to sell their goods and receive feedback.

In case of a ban from Facebook, they create a new account and start selling again. They can lose the page because they are not buying it. They only regret the public they have earned.

Such cases have an enormous impact on IT development of Myanmar. At least, these sounds on Social media can push the government forward and even the business to get more interest in the IT sector. Many people, regardless of rich or poor, want dialogue on their products.


Dialogue on Websites

Websites also require dialogue to make more sales. The visitors at least need attention from the website, even though the website is dead or alive, machine or human.

There is the folk: "The more they advertised, the more people buy". In the Internet era, "The more they dialogued, the more people buy".


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