• Dialogue: Your Websites need

    The Internet is dialogue in nature, means parties can interact at both ends. When you read this post, we interacted to allow you to read this article. Otherwise, you can see only the refusal page of your browser.

    Many People uses the websites as their information printing place, like a flyer. We visit the website and access the information but nothing more to do, which is monologue style then the Internet is a dialogue in nature.


  • Firewall: Closed or Open

    To say firewall, Many Websites have taken down every day. Phishing websites and all others make the same effort to steal user information. You can block the whole country or the continent-wide, but they can still accessible through other ways.


    How Internet Works

    The definition of the Internet is the global system of interconnected computers which can communicate between networks and devices.


  • Outdated versions of Apps brings bad fortunes

    Outdated apps versions mostly bring problems to the world. They are not as bad as now until the world is changing over time to time. New Technologies brings new vulnerabilities, and then we are searching for the start of the ring.


    Many programming languages are emerging year by year, and old languages improve by their rhythms, We are still lagging. We may be too old for new ones, love the current ones or even lazy enough to stay behind.


  • Hotfix - the fix that never works

    I am working on many projects since my university life. That means I have done a lot of hotfixes and planned hotfix for a long time. 


    The hotfix is a kind of fix to faster your job flow. One main thing is the hotfix will not last long. 

    There is some person who repairs my pipelines in my home to reconnect some connections. They diverted the way to the pressure pump in my home and missed one thing. They do not think about the pressure that will lead them to show how they work.

  • Semi Digitization - The migration where people stucks

    Many people think that the digitisation process is painful. They are not wrong, but the process is more painful when semi digitisation has occurred without proper regulation.

    The digitisation process happens not only for making our tasks faster but also strengthening one's policies. Before setting up any project, we have to make sure that our plans are working well. We need regulations to go further. If they are not strong enough to handle us, we fail.

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