Things to mind when on Shared Hosting

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Shared Hosting is one of the most used tenant systems in the world. Many businesses are hosting their websites on Shared Hosting. You will also learn, as a developer, to upload your website to suit your needs. This topic will help you to find out what is the different things between the local development environment and Server Environment, Linux.

Things to Mind

Web Developer in Windows

The first thing is many developers develop their websites in Windows using tools. An example includes XAMPP. Whatever you use for your web development, if you are using Windows and never heard about Linux, there will be file structure problem.


File Structure

In Windows, the file structure is starting with A, B, C to Z. The limit is 26 devices per PC. Additionally, In Linux, their name is mount points. These mount points differ from each other. You should set up your URLs to Linux friendly relative URLs to make your website run with ease. If you are using Linux, you are more familiar with my topic.


Missing Libraries

Many webservers protect file write access. The reason is to protect unauthorized file upload and execute in your server. Some libraries are limited to make sure your server is safe. They won't have some libraries you need because they don't need them. The answer is to create a ticket and ask to install the missing libraries. Otherwise, Choose VPS.



Many hosts can access using SSH. If you have some jobs to complete as continuous development, you have to use SSH. You will need to learn about SSH and its keys to get access to Github. The SSH key system plays a mandatory role for both Git and your Shared Hosting because you cannot access them in vanilla. 


Here are current things to remember when you start using as a developer. If you can and give time to learn, learn Linux.