Survive business with our Shared Hosting

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If you are trying to survive business with lower costs, you are worthy enough to read this post. In Pandemic, You must stay on track using best Techniques. One of them includes saving the budget.


You may run a website up to 10K traffic per month on VPS, and hosting emails on one of the cloud providers. You have to think again.

Your website costs

Many Websites are consuming more costs than they require to be. Websites which do not have many pages need not host on VPS or Dedicated Hosting.


Stop Wasting Costs

You can stop wasting costs on the followings: VPS Charges and Email Hosting Costs. These charges are not visible, but if you combine them, these costs become as high as mountains.


Things to accept when choosing Shared Hosting

The first and foremost is the speed. The speed is a bit slower than the best VPS providers. Yes, the best. Many providers are sometimes slower than ours. We are tuning as per our needs to server better customers.

Configuration Changes should also put into account. Your daily working system is a bit changed. In earlier times, you are accessing the URL or app of your VPS and email providers. Now, you are using your domain name URLs.

The final one is your mind. Many people want to think they do great in business, especially in startups. However, We are currently in Pandemic. Try to save and survive.


Survive business - How can you save yourself?

The speed is our priority. We improve our speed by time to time. You only have to think about your application speed. 


If you are working with WordPress with an app for android or iOS, then your workflow will be the same as before. You can work with the same end, and it is our job to make sure your work and website work seamlessly.


How can I move to your hosting?

You can easily move your domain name and also your hosting to us. You can contact us, or contacting via messenger, or even on our website.