Outdated versions of Apps brings bad fortunes

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Outdated - Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

Outdated apps versions mostly bring problems to the world. They are not as bad as now until the world is changing over time to time. New Technologies brings new vulnerabilities, and then we are searching for the start of the ring.


Many programming languages are emerging year by year, and old languages improve by their rhythms, We are still lagging. We may be too old for new ones, love the current ones or even lazy enough to stay behind.


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When we stay outdated, we will have the following profits:

  1. Stable Technologies
  2. Few things to change
  3. Believe more and more in our products


Stable Technologies because we faced tons of new errors, architecture problems and even more unexplainable problems when we developed them. After time by time improvement, we have fewer things to change or fix, which give us to believe more and more in our product.


However, the time is changing. The longer we stay behind, the larger we have to pay off.


The dark side of outdated versions can also bring unwanted guests. The guests include an unexpected breakdown of the whole system, no support, or the worst, high vulnerabilities.


Unexpected breakdown of the whole system

When the system is an unexpected breakdown, you need support immediately. You can call the company or get community support when you need help. When you left behind, You cannot get support because you are out of focus.


High Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are the most unwanted guest. You are at risk when you do not have proper protection. Both your codebase and the programming platform you are using will affect your security.


Stay up to date

We should make your app up to date to prevent upper unwanted guests. We can update when this task is difficult. Contact us via services[at]lovelyfamilymm[dot]com to get in detail about updating your software.