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Landing Page - Lead your sales

Landing Page is a specific page which shows product information to turn your visitors into future customers. The first use of landing page is from IT departments of Microsoft when there is a decline in sales of Microsft Office in 2003.


Landing Page, different from a Regular Page

Landing Page should be different from a Regular Page. A regular page is to show information about your products. The landing page is to lead the sale or make a call to action.


Types of Landing Page

There are two types of landing pages as follows:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Transactional


Lead Generation is to make sales via its contact form. Most of them have a contact form moreover it generates a lead for sales via contacting them.

The transactional landing page is to make sales by adding a button to check out the sale page and take action to purchase or subscribe to their product or service.


How can My Landing Page is served?

Landing Pages can be arrived by these channels but not limited to it. It includes:

  1. Social Media Campaigns
  2. Email Campaigns
  3. SEO Campaigns
  4. Paid Traffics
  5. Offline Adverts


Social Media Campaigns such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkin posts and promotions can link to your landing page to get sale leads.

Email Campaigns are required not only to send promotions but also makes announcements about your products. They can also bring your visitors to the future royal consumer.

SEO is mandatory for site information. If you have high SEO spark, you can lead sales via SEO Channels.

If you paid for former traffics then you will have paid traffics for your website.


Offline Adverts

Believe it or not, your offline adverts can also make your sales. Many businesses now print QR Codes to give more information about their products. These can make you visit their website by visiting the codes of strange squares.

Save the world and Increase Sales

Placement of Landing Pages

Landing Pages are mostly put under the same domain or add as a subdomain or even as a microsite.


You will find some difficulties in making landing pages then we are here to help. You can make your sales leads in minutes and create multiple sales in time.