AIDA Modal - Make Instant Sales

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AIDA - Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

AIDA Modal is well known for making sales. However, it is lesser-known in web design and development, especially in developing countries. I will share AIDA and how to apply the AIDA modal to our web pages.


AIDA is an acronym of attention (some called Awareness), Interest, Desire and Action. We need attention to our websites and also to our landing pages. There are two levels of AIDA, sitewide and pagewise.

AIDA in sitewide

The first thing we want to get from our consumers is attention. We are in shortage of consumers, so we need to get attention from our consumers.

Attention or Awareness can get from SEO, Advertising and more. In the 1990s, there was only one way of advertising, billboard or on television. You deliver your business within 30 seconds or stand a billboard in a crowded junction.

Now, around 74% of people are searching for more information and analytics before buying your product. They will find your product on Google, Youtube or even on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. They will read your product specification, compare it to others and get reviews.

If your product got the items stated, you got their Awareness or attraction. Your site now needs to get Interested.


People interested in your product or service now visit your website. You pursue them to buy your product. You will need to choose how to make your consumers buy your product with a niche, including pricing, luxury or eco-friendly.


Desire is the lust to buy your product. You should create desire on your product. For example, a car makes a man seems rich. Another includes a woman who likes cosmetics for her beauty.


When you can make desire for your product, You can make a call to Action. You can make sales. Your consumer is ready to buy your product, and they accept the risk and still want to buy ours. They need to check out and buy.


On pagewise, The title is like a newspaper. The attraction is mainly on the title of your webpage. If your title is not good enough to attract the Search Engine, stay behind, done.

The Interest and Desire are the same as sitewide. If they don't like the title, you can't make them hunger for your product.

You must create a Call to Action Button on your webpage. My consumers always complain about how to buy it. They want to buy it, but they can't find how to click or make more contact. You also should make the Call to Action button on the attraction Section. If you don't, some people cannot wait to scroll down when they fall in love with your product at first sight.


Buying a product is also a headache process, and we should make our clients and consumers make everything easy. You also read this text because I make it easy to find yourself. If you are interested, You can get SEO Optimisation to your site by calling us (95)9-975-DONUTS to get more detailed plans.