Hotfix - the fix that never works

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Hotfix - the fix that never works

I am working on many projects since my university life. That means I have done a lot of hotfixes and planned hotfix for a long time. 


The hotfix is a kind of fix to faster your job flow. One main thing is the hotfix will not last long. 

There is some person who repairs my pipelines in my home to reconnect some connections. They diverted the way to the pressure pump in my home and missed one thing. They do not think about the pressure that will lead them to show how they work.

The pressure pumps run once per hour to fill the leak. The leaks are not acceptable then I told them to fix again. They come then add some glue over it. They and I know that the solution will not work. After three hours, the problem starts again. 

I have learnt one thing. Hotfixes do not work long. Even they know it or not, I know it. Hotfixes will lead the people to lose their trust in you. Your business will fail after time to time with hotfixes.

In the programming field, this applies the same. If your programmers or developers are doing on hotfixes to deliver your product, this will lead to a nightmare. You will not know at first. After time flies by, you will know you are losing your reputation. If you are lucky enough, you can save yourself from hell. Otherwise, you cannot.

The main thing to save from hotfix is to invest your time at planning. Your time planning is worth to manage. You must plan to remove these bugs and bad things from your plans to save from hotfixes. Planning things are more worthy than fixing things.

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