Semi Digitization - The migration where people stucks

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Black Smith Fire Iron - Semi Digitisation

Many people think that the digitisation process is painful. They are not wrong, but the process is more painful when semi digitisation has occurred without proper regulation.

The digitisation process happens not only for making our tasks faster but also strengthening one's policies. Before setting up any project, we have to make sure that our plans are working well. We need regulations to go further. If they are not strong enough to handle us, we fail.

If we do not have proper and precise instruction sets, we cannot set regulations. If we fail to set laws, building software becomes a nightmare.

When I have to enrol a course at a University, they only accept payment in cash. I have to find an ATM across the city to withdraw because there is no ATM around there.

I finally got cash after roaming around for 30 mins and found an ATM. I lead to the University for payment.

When I arrived to the cashier to pay for the course fees, the clerk asked me a new question. Pay by QR or in cash. I replied, "in cash". 

When I paid my course fees, I saw another person who paid via QR come back. His face showed he was annoyed. He speaks, "If I can pay for QR, why do I have to refill the form manually. I have to go to two places to pay with QR. Cash payment is easier than paying with QR Code. The process should be easier in digitally but not now". 

Semi Digitisation

I had learnt one thing that digitisation needs a set of proper regulations. We have to cover the whole area we have to digitise and do it properly.

The main key point comes now. How do we set proper regulation for digitisation? The answer is foreseeable. If you are not able to do so, please don't go semi digitisation.