Laravel 7 Upgrade

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Laravel 7 upgrade

When Laravel 7 is released, I'm sure that I have to wait for the upgrade. I'm now upgrading my website to Laravel 7 also some costs for upgrading my website. In this blog, I will share some steps which are out of the normal upgrade guide.

Laravel 7 Upgrade

In Normal Guide, I see the following:

Update your laravel/framework dependency to ^7.0 in your composer.json file. Also update your nunomaduro/collision dependency to ^4.1, PHPUnit/PHPUnit dependency to ^8.5, laravel/tinker dependency to ^2.0, and facade/ignition to ^2.0.

However, I didn't see nunomaduro/collision and facade/ignition to composer update then we don't have to worry about it.

I am using phptestbench then I remove it from the composer temporarily. The same rule applies to PHPinsight too.

After removing specific packages, please install and upgrade to laravel 7 to upgrade guide.
When completed, reinstall phptestbench and PHPinsight. PHPinsight requires PHPUnit 9.0 then please update to PHPUnit 9.0.

composer update will emit errors but you can find the solution in a second topic.

use Throwable;

public function report(Throwable $exception);
public function shouldReport(Throwable $exception);
public function render($request, Throwable $exception);
public function renderForConsole($output, Throwable $exception);

This function is a bit confusing. use Throwable should be set at the top and other functions should declare as full functions, means they require {}.

Carbon is one main factor that it upgraded to 2.0.

However, PHPinsight requires a minimum of PHP 7.3 so we have to take of PHP version when installing PHPinsight.

If we are using Lovely Family Host, how can we upgrade Laravel?

Laravel Upgrade is a painful process when using normal Shared Hosting. This can be eased by working with Softaculous or downloading the whole program and upgrade locally to put it back. If they are not working, you can restore your website or get help from us.