• Invest your website in 2020

    Building a website seems to be easy, but this requires a lot of human power and needs special attention to stay ahead of others. Many clients, including me, thinking that we are easy to build a website and start selling or promoting our products. However, centuries have changed to 21st with we passed 20 years, everything changed. You can watch a lot of videos on Youtube, surf the best collection of your needs with the help of AI. You can also invest website.

  • Unicode migration - move from Zawgyi Safe

    There are many typing and rendering system across Myanmar Typing System and also rendering system. There are many ways including from typewriter settings to the latest working Myanmar Unicode System. Now, it's time for a change and we will feature through how to safely move from Zawgyi or any other typing system to standardized Myanmar Unicode System. In this week, we present you about Unicode Migration and move you safely from Zawgyi.

  • Hotfix - the fix that never works

    I am working on many projects since my university life. That means I have done a lot of hotfixes and planned hotfix for a long time. 


    The hotfix is a kind of fix to faster your job flow. One main thing is the hotfix will not last long. 

    There is some person who repairs my pipelines in my home to reconnect some connections. They diverted the way to the pressure pump in my home and missed one thing. They do not think about the pressure that will lead them to show how they work.

  • PHP 7.4 Upgrade

    PHP 7.4 has been announced in this November 28th. There are several improvements among the older versions such as opcache preloading and so much more.

    We are working to get all customers about PHP 7.4 and we have to look for some more features and stability. There is some more information about to care.

    What is PHP 7.4?

    PHP 7.4 is a big improvement over PHP 7 and the pre successor of PHP 8. In this version, there are the following improvements.

  • Semi Digitization - The migration where people stucks

    Many people think that the digitisation process is painful. They are not wrong, but the process is more painful when semi digitisation has occurred without proper regulation.

    The digitisation process happens not only for making our tasks faster but also strengthening one's policies. Before setting up any project, we have to make sure that our plans are working well. We need regulations to go further. If they are not strong enough to handle us, we fail.

  • Featured Interview with wave of tech

    Lovely Family Host is hosting interviews with customers around the globe to serve you how they have reached their goals while working together with Lovely Family Host.

    This week, we would like to invite Ko Tin Myo Win, from Wave of Tech, to share his knowledge about working with a website and how he has made his way towards the cybersecurity and how we should care about our security.

    Hi Ko Tin Myo Win, Nice To meet you. Can you introduce yourself?

  • Speed - Your hosting will definitely require

    Internet becomes faster and faster. Your jobs need to be done on time with speed. You have to visit a website to get your organization needs, but they are extremely slow. You are inside a nightmare in the noontime.

    Your daily life is filled with multi-speed things. Speed Bus, Speed Trans or Speed Internet. The last one will be more favourable. You need your speed to complete them on time.

    If you are on the other side of your website slow. Can you blame others or blame yourself, or even the IT department? You need first to analyze your problem to make your sales.

  • Cost-Saving Startups

    Many people are building startups. In the US only, there are about 28 Million of Entrepreneurs are building startups. Most of them, around 20 Mils, are only single-handed startups. Why such an amount of people can work on single-handed? How do they work for cost-saving startups? How will you build it?

  • fully functional hosting - expand your boundary

    Trying to get business on web hosting is easy but you know, how to make your hosting as fully functional hosting. You leave or sit safely on your home and your website do the rest on your behalf. You have only think about how well you manage your business flow.

    How well your website perform so far?

    Many people think building a website will think about how do they change the layout of a website. They first build a website, change the styles and colours and done. They do not change the style for the rest of their website lifespan until they are broken or rebuild.

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