• Advantages of Shared Hosting - 5 Top Reasons

    Advantages Shared Hosting is one of the most frequently ask question among our clients. Many Peoples are mixed with Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting and Dedicated Hostings. However, they are really confused to start with hosting.

    My Experience is also the same. I don't know how to choose around the hosting, shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Virtual Private Server. Finally, My life started with shared hosting because there are many advantages. 

    Here are 5 top advantages of Shared Hosting. Read below to the end to get Bonus Tip. :D

  • Shared Web hosting - 5 Guru Tips

    Shared Web Hosting Service is one of the most widely used web hosting system around the world. When you start reading this topic, you are interest in compare and contract shared web hosting service and other hosting methods. We will show 5 expert tips or guru tips and explain how to use your web hosted. If you are planning other web hosting service or you are trying to get more advanced, you are suggested to contact us for your convenience but you intended for shared web hosting service, this article is definitely for you.

  • Crypting vs Hashing

    Crypting vs Hashing is one of the most important things arising from new comers in programming field. We will now explaining how to use Hashing and Crypting in our Web apps.

    Plain Texting

    Before explaining about Crypting and Hashing, I would like to explain why Hiding your content become necessary. In earlier internet or radio or telecommunication, there is no problem with hiding information because there is no sniffing your information across the air.

  • 5 website mistakes made by new websites

    Website mistakes makes everybody fail! Everybody wants their websites to be the best. But WHY ARE THEY FAILURE? Many people Failed because they miss the tips about that! Check this out.

    Website mistakes!

    Yeah! believe it or not. Many websites today can now work on any SEO optimization tips and competing about search engines to reach on the first page. But why after first page, they failed? Because they miss the real important things about their website, that's the key.


  • Top 5 Editors for PHP

    Searching For Top Editors PHP. In Everyday, most of the people including my classes are asking that which Editor to work with for developing for PHP, or even Laravel. I suggested to use text editor for using. But now, I'm thinking how to choose your IDE which is the best for you. Here are the list of Top 5 Editors for PHP.

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