Shared Web hosting - 5 Guru Tips

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Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared Web Hosting Service is one of the most widely used web hosting system around the world. When you start reading this topic, you are interest in compare and contract shared web hosting service and other hosting methods. We will show 5 expert tips or guru tips and explain how to use your web hosted. If you are planning other web hosting service or you are trying to get more advanced, you are suggested to contact us for your convenience but you intended for shared web hosting service, this article is definitely for you.

Shared Web Hosting Service

Generally Shared Web Hosting Service is a kind of hosting service where many user shared the resources of server to use for the website. This is like living in a city and use all resource shared to the city. When a city got the light, all the residence in the city will get the light. When the city has no electricity, the residences will face the electricity knockout. When the city is flooded, all are in flooded.

Who should use shared hosting?

Many people who started using the internet and start to build own website without advanced knowledge about web hosting should start using shared Hosting. There are many profits of using the shared hosting in starting life.

They are less expensive

Believe it or not! They are very less expensive. If you use your own server, all are yours but living in a city without other will cost you much higher.. You can get the dedicated power line of 80 Mega Watts in your home but you use 8 kWh . All other costs are on yours.. Get more freedom comes with higher price.

They are eco-friendly

When you are using internet or using your own webserver. They have to emit carbon dioxide. Read here. You can save more by using your website to be hosted in shared hosting to save more energy and even carbon foot print.

They are managed

You don't have to think about server security, management and even data backup on some hosting, they are doing on behalf of you. You click, and they do for it. done.

They supports you

When you have some stuck happens, you are protected with their support. If you can't do on your own, you can create support and support will help you, or rollback to your working back copy.

Easy Management

If you have bad experience with your current web hosting provider. You can shift to new provider with one click (CPanel). You can backup and restore your website, and even your emails. 

When you should not use Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared Web Hosting Service - Private Virtual Server

If you are not good enough in working with websites, Shared Web Hosting Service is the best way to start building your website. However, you are good at server management or your web application requirements are higher than your web Hosting Service can provide. For example, you have to work with or your developer develop web application with nodejs, you definitely needs Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server. There are many tweaks but the tweaks are not as you think. Also for Laravel with High demand, even it is based on PHP.

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