Crypting vs Hashing

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Crypting vs Hashing

Crypting vs Hashing is one of the most important things arising from new comers in programming field. We will now explaining how to use Hashing and Crypting in our Web apps.

Plain Texting

Before explaining about Crypting and Hashing, I would like to explain why Hiding your content become necessary. In earlier internet or radio or telecommunication, there is no problem with hiding information because there is no sniffing your information across the air.

However, in World War, to get the war information, parties of the war are sniffing each other information to get the latest information about their enemy. So, to protect their information, they have to start hiding their information. One of the famous encrypting machine is enigma, a german crypto machine that cannot be decrypted easily. Check it out


Crypting is widely used for hiding the original texts and transmitting across the internet. The data is encrypted and the key is generated for locking and unlocking the data before sending and receiving. The sender crypt the text or data using crypting algorithm known as AES or other ciphers and send them to the receiver. The key is handed to the receiver and the receiver will decrypt the data over the internet.

The earliest use of ciphter is Caesar Cipher, that is used by the Juliet Caesar. Link Here.


Hash - Crypting vs Hashing

Hashing is used for storing passwords without knowing what is the actual content is. The password is stored in human unreadable form so when the server is compromised, the password of the server cannot be reclaimed. However, there is no method which can be hided permenantly. Weak passwords can be reclaimed by using patterns.

Crypting Vs Hashing

Crypting is two way encryption and Hashing is only one way encryption. The crypted data can be hidden and restored by using key but hashing cannot. The use cases are described in each section.

I hope this will help you to make your web apps safer and stronger. Thank you.