How to choose a hosting as developer

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Choose Hosting as Developer

Many developers, including me, to choose hosting almost everyday. We have used a lot of suggestions and comaprison and price and features between different hosts but in generally there are not many as we think. To simplify your comparison, I have selected the tips to choose between your hosting and your client needs.

How to Choose Hosting for your needs:


Speed is one of the main factor to use the hosting. You have to make sure that the hosting is fast enough to run your software effectively. You can choose between mechanical HDD and Solid State Drives hosting and some of SSD are more expensive comparison to SSD.

Beware about ping time. Most of the shared hosting are sharing their server resources to multiple website to make sure you have use ease and sound. So, you have to make sure that they have balanced their ability to host and actual hosting by checking ping time to your server and your current location.

Geographical location is also one of the factor to consider your hosting. If you live in United States, your hosting for US will  be good but if you are in Australia, the hosting for Australia will be a lot better. However, sometimes, keep in mind that some of the countries are strict in processing and performance so choose wisely between your server location and services.


Some of the hostings are really fast, but they are not good enough for daily use. For example, you choose your hosting not only for hosting your website but also working with your domain emails. They will make you some trouble if the hosting does not provide email service. As the same way, there will be some problem if you cannot find one click installer in your panel to work with because you have to install wordpress simply. That is really horrible. This tools are only for using per annum for example but if it is not available per requirement, you cannot.


Backup is one of the key features for hosting but keep in mind that you have also sole responsibility to backing up your precious data. That means, you can backup yourself on your panel. If you cannot backup easily, do not choose even if they tell you hourly backup. Who knows does they really do.


Your web app require performance. The higher the performance, the faster the websites will be come up on client website. Millions of website are struggling for speed and availability. If you hosting does not offer optimal performance, simply move to another for better thing.


Support is one important thing to my experience. For choose hosting, I have hosted on some popular web hosting and I need support, I have to queue for more than one hour to get live chat support. I cannot simply open a ticket to the hosting and have to wait for more than 2 hours to completely restore my website.

Another one is worse. I cannot get the support if it is out of office hour. I cannot call to the operator for help. I simply move to another hosting that actually helps.

As a conclusion, after seeing the former ones before choosing your hosting, that will be the best thing to do so. I hope you will get the right web hosting for your business. Comment below if you have some more ideas.