5 website mistakes made by new websites

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Website mistakes!

Website mistakes makes everybody fail! Everybody wants their websites to be the best. But WHY ARE THEY FAILURE? Many people Failed because they miss the tips about that! Check this out.

Website mistakes!

Yeah! believe it or not. Many websites today can now work on any SEO optimization tips and competing about search engines to reach on the first page. But why after first page, they failed? Because they miss the real important things about their website, that's the key.


1. Choosing the hosting good at everything rather than best in simple thing

Many Web hosting tells you that you will get credit on everything and better better better. However, one thing that really most is your location and your audience location. In Lovely Family Host setup, we decided to get the latest and fastest route to our customers. The website best thing is the fastest route to reach your customers. Otherwise you may face with failure.

Another thing you need to know is Everything is good but I hope you don't need everything for your website. So, plan before buying a hosting. Your hosting will not be provided everything good, but they are really good at speed, for example. You should choose them if you need speed. If they support one click installation and you need to install apps on the go, you should apply. Multiple offers may seems to be good, but you may need or not. So, choose wisely.

2. Build for future

Each and every websites are build for future proof, even though they are not future proof really. You should build your website for future. In 1990s, you can build basic websites (not really basic at these times). Nowadays, you cannot build websites that are work only in one screen dimensions. You should make your websites to work on new dimensions which means responsive, mobile friendly and now even compatible with siri , alexa or even google voice search to make your website comfortable with voice search.

Search Engines will crawl your website with a mobile crawler. So, if your website is not well prepared with the responsiveness, you are in trouble with website mistakes.

3. Social Integration

Most of the website failed for one thing- social integration. There are some dark sides of social integration but normally social integration is the requirement for any website. Today, many peoples are using social networks including facebook, twitter and so on. So, you have to allow people to easy share their thoughts with your content. If you make any difficulties, you fail..

You can integrate social networks using facebook Social Plugins or Twitter Cards.

4. Speed

Have you ever watched about cars! and McQueen speech. SPEED... Yes, speed is the king. your website and content should be served as fast as possible. If your website is really slow on every devices or even some devices, you are in big trouble. Today internet is speed oriented so you will face so much problems if your website is slow. Your slow is more detail than in earlier days.

Slow Speed is a nightmare for website mistakes

5. Lack of content

Does your website only have four or five pages with no blog or content. You are failed. You must fill your content as much as you can because they need your attention. Your website need to get latest information about your expert tips and tricks. Share with the work, share with the world.