PHP 7.4 Upgrade

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PHP 7.4 Upgrade

PHP 7.4 has been announced in this November 28th. There are several improvements among the older versions such as opcache preloading and so much more.

We are working to get all customers about PHP 7.4 and we have to look for some more features and stability. There is some more information about to care.

What is PHP 7.4?

PHP 7.4 is a big improvement over PHP 7 and the pre successor of PHP 8. In this version, there are the following improvements.

  1. array_merge is converted to ...$args
  2. Arrow Functions (Short Closures)
  3. Covariant Returns and Contravariant Parameters
  4. OpCache Preloading

Deprecations in PHP 7.4

  1. Precedence of the Concatenation 
  2. left-associative ternary operator

What to care about your current site about PHP 7.4?

If your site is about to upgrade, you have to aware of these features and deprecations. If you are using CMSes such as Wordpress or Drupal or Joomla, make sure your current version support PHP upgrades. As an example, Drupal 8.6 has some deprecated functions about PHP 7.4.

When will it be available on Lovely Family Host

Currently, PHP 7.4 is released and there is set to be stable. However, there is a lot of ways to think about security patches and bug fixes. There will be some more way to fix around that. We have to care before upgrading to the latest version.

If you are starting to build a new website or launching a website with Wordpress or Drupal, you should use the latest PHP in our profiles. If you are not good enough to start new things, double-check the list and work with earlier versions.

How can I get in our CPanel?

In CPanel, we have embedded these modules inside our terminal, you can choose which version of PHP will be served according to your website. You can choose in multi PHP manager to get more out of it. If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to open a ticket to us.

You can check more about PHP 7.4 in here.