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Change password on Lovely Mail Roundcube: How to

Changing a password is ever made simple, if you know how to. If you are using Lovely Mail or Roundcube and you don't know how to change your password, that is for you. Change Password for your safety.

Why should you change password?

We have multiple password in our brain or in our pocket. When you do login a website, you have to set password and then you have to login. After some moment on other site, you have to fill up login and you have to login again. 

After using a lot of password and variants, when a site has been hacked, you personal informations are leaked, including passwords. These passwords are using across multiple devices and then your informations are leaked. Done.


How to change password in Lovely Mail?

1. Login to Lovely Mail (

2. Go to Settings

3. Choose Password under the list

4. Give current password and change your password


That's really simple to do it. Try on your own and if you have failed log into your mail. Please don't hesitate to contact to change your password back to default password. You can have this.


When you should Change your password

You should change your password at least twice a year. Many people are not interested in changing their credentials to save the system. Technology is changing everyday and many credentials are leaked everyday. Try to save yourself and make a new password per annum.

Password Criteria

Set your password as secure as possible. You can mix characters with numbers and add some special characters to make your password stronger. If you can't, set long passwords.

Please make sure that you don't set long paragraph, birthday or your beloved names. They can be very easily collected in your social media for easy way. LOL.


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