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Generated Slugs are widely used for blogging and we also use in daily lives. However, if you are interested for SEO Optimization, there are some reasons why you shouldn't use generated slugs in your blogs. Find out why! There is a bonus to get a short url for your blog. Read Until the End.

1. Generated Slugs are usually not optimized for SEO

The slugs are mostly generated by rough generation of the content title, which means they are not good enough to remove stop words from your slugs, the slugs length and so on. They are usually computer generated with a module for your ease and they are not stronger enough to make your blog gets read.

2. Generated Slugs are really bad in some languages

I am now using Burmese for some blogs of me. The blogging slugs are really horrible. The are not only long but also human unreadable. The slug is filled with Special characters or they are filled with unreadable ASCII alternates. They cannot be easily readable by search engines and they are bad enough to destroy your website.

3. Long Generated Slugs are truncated while on social media

Generated slugs are like - Image by Isa KARAKUS from Pixabay

Slugs are usually long, I agree. However, if your slug is unreadable and ultimately long, the social media will scrap you and if your target is using twitter, you have to shorten your url. We also use url shortening, that's why you reach our website by social media, you see there is a short url coming to our website by lvfm.biz. (this is fairly not short, but for me. OK.). If you do not shorten your posts in social media, it is horrible. Let's imagine, you posted the blog with nice images and very colourful text but the slugs are horribly generated. You pasted on social media and your url has been truncated with unreadable words. Oh My God.

4. Generated Slugs are not human oriented

Do you think slugs are human oriented. They are machine oriented but if they are generated, they become messy in human eyes. The long slug with unreadable items, stop words and many more. They sucks and your website will left uncomfortable visitors.

5. Finally, you are done

If you have left your slugs there, you will be completed sucks. You are not interested in shortening your urls and you pasted them in bad manner and you faced  your problems in many ways. I have faced that things frequently for a long time and I am trying to escape from it. I hope if you continue on this, you are done. 


The bonus thing is you can shorten your url with one click. We have used Bitly to shorten our urls and use Yoast SEO for our SEO optimization.


If you are interested in working with shortening your urls like lvfm.biz, you can get a domain name from $ 5.99. If you want to install modules Bitly or Yoast SEO on your website, $30 per installation. Plus documentations, tips and tricks. 

Domain (1 Year) + URL Shortener Setup + Yoast SEO = $50 (one time).