covid-19 proof hosting

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Covid-19, alternatively known as Wuhan Virus, is spreading around the world. Around 40 countries reported and thousands died. This will leads to business falls and now leading to a global recession. Many businesses are expanding to fulfil customers needs are now reclining from the nib to save budgets. This suddenly stopped demands may lead to a global recession, experts say.

If you are a business owner who is trying to save your business from the recession, you will need to analyze your business. If you are using a lot of services from azure, amazon and others without needing to, you will need to reduce your budgets.

Analyze your traffic

If your website is not working with tons of visitors or even thousands of visitors, shared hosting can manage your hosting needs. You can move from 10 USD*12 = 120 USD server to 40 USD hosting and gets more than you require. If your Virtual Private hosting or Dedicate hosting costs you more than you think, you can reduce your costs by shifting to shared hosting.

Required Services

Do our websites require a lot of investment? How do you analyze our customers? How can you manage and engage our customers through our websites? How about search engine optimization? We buy a lot of things that we think we will require later. We also buy a lot of staffs like pens and keys to become futureproof. You cannot buy one by one to starve your business. 
However, if your business becomes stuck by external conflicts or global recession or even like covid-19 virus outbreak, you can reduce your business investment on hosting.

Are you the owner of a small business?

If you are the owner of small and medium business, I can make sure that you are running a specific amount of income to invest your online reputation. You can have a website or even you can have some service like customer panels or others to make your customers accessible and you store in cloud services. 
However, your expense becomes high and the income goes down immediately then you will think about reducing the costs of investment on websites and email or other services, etc. You can get all in one from shared hosting.

Shared Hosting is the solution for the global recession and covid-19

Shared Hosting is one of the main reason to reduce the amount of budget and get more services. Greener technology and you can even work with a small budget of money. You don't have to worry about server maintenance and even how to backup them. The professionals do on their own instead of yourself. You can easily focus on your business while we are focusing on your technical part. You can get your journey from here.