CPanel Shared Hosting - Advantages

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CPanel Shared Hosting - Image by 二 盧 from Pixabay

CPanel Shared Hosting is one of the most widely used hosting types around the world. Many people use CPanel for their hosting solutions and yes, we also use CPanel in our hosting platform but do you know why we widely use CPanel for hosting. Find out below.. :D. (If you are interested in shared hosting exclude CPanel or hate CPanel, Check Advantages of Shared Hosting - 5 Top Reasons).

CPanel Shared Hosting

CPanel Shared Hosting is one of the most favorite thing among developer, especially wordpress hosters in myanmar. This is really easy to install and its usability is really hight. Customers are really happy to subscribe hosting from us.

CPanel Shared Hosting! What are their advantages?


CPanel Shared Hosting - Advantages - Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Their advantages are simple! However, vast amount of simple advantages will lead you to big success.

Git Support

Git is the bloodstream of the developers. If developers love git and CPanel supports git, why can they resist?

File Manager

File Manager is one of the main reason to switch to CPanel. CPanel is one of the most powerful file manager in Industry, and believe it or not, it includes a sublime like text editor!

Password Protected Directories

Normal people can be lock their owned directories with passwords in CPanel. Even a dumb person can do it. If you can't, why?

Multi PHP Manager

Multilevel PHP Manager will make your website faster and better than everyone. You don't have to manage which version will you use and do that things.

Site Backup

The whole websites can be backed up and you will very easy to restore your website if you want anytime. If you cannot, you can contact us and we will restore backup for you. Just open a support ticket and your problem is solved.

AutoSSL to your website

Your website will get SSL automatically to make sure your website traffic is safe. Get free SSL on our web hosting on every plans.

If you are interest in testing CPanel, get a demo at CPanel and to subscribe, we are starting from 6,000 MMK/mo or 59,000 MMK/Yr.