Droplet Vs Shared Hosting

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Droplet is a kind of VPS that is used in DO or Linode, etc. Droplet has many templates, including Wordpress One-click installer or Magento Installer. What is Droplet vs Shared Hosting? What are their differences? Let's find out.

Nature of Droplet

Droplets are normally VPS. We will state more VPS in upcoming posts but in general, they are kind of VPS. However, the providers make an easy way to install WordPress or some other application by making one-click installer to deploy their application on VPS. If you want to make faster website development and planning to make your very own website which has thousands of traffic per day, you should have used this. If not, this will cost you more than you think.

Nature of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is like renting a room in a hotel. They have provided mostly everything, light dimming and making everything safe and sound by sharing resources and working on your behalf. You don't have to own the hotel to make yourself comfortable but We can make you feel comfortable by providing similar guests' needs. To find more advantages. Advantages of Shared Hosting.

Droplet Vs Shared Hosting

In comparison to Droplet vs Shared hosting, there are many things arise. In generally, VPS and Shared hosting comparison are not fair because they are two different products in nature. However, in some situations, they are nearly the same. So, we state more in detail. In comparison, we will compare Droplet with template and Shared Hosting with Softaculous installer.

Droplet with One-Click Apps

Droplet with One-Click Apps is not worthy. Yes, in rough, Useless. You click this application because you want to make your website better and faster. Theoretically, it will. In reality, they will not as fast as you think and you have to manage multiple issues that are arisen when you started to install.

Resource Management

One of the main advantages of shared hosting over droplets is it is managed by the administrator of the system. You don't have to manage the whole system, upgrading the system, security, and feature tweaking, backup, etc. The specified administrator will do the rest for you. You have to do one thing. Do your own business. 

In droplets, you have to make your security, backup, and tweaking. If you do not have sufficient knowledge, they will become a nightmare to you and your business.

No UI Access

If you think Wordpress Administration Dashboard is enough, I'm sure that you haven't used or tested any of the shared hostings. Shared hosting is the winner in this case. In every shared hosting provider, you can get CPanel or other equivalent Panels from your provider. You can log in, manage your website and you can start working on your website, you don't have to worry about it. You can also manage Emails and FTP for better stability.

Oh, Email

Yes, emails are now using across the globe but if you click one-click installer templates, you are not able to access the email features of the shared hosting in droplets. In droplets, they require more machine capability to make your email system works, partially. Emails are fully included in our packages to make easier management with your domain. That will let you save more.

Save more! Oh, Cost!

Yes, cost saving is one of the most important things around the comparison. You can get more functionality and save more in your bags is our priority. If you can save more and make your website functions more, you are the best. You can save with more functionality.

I'm now impressed, How can I transfer my website to yours!

After comparing Droplet vs Shared Hosting, you can transfer by subscribing to our service. You can buy our packages via messenger or telephone and bank transfer to get our service. If you have DO Droplets or Vultr Instances, AWS EC2 Instances and Linode, we can freely migrate from you. If you don't want to get our services but only transfer process, we can do it for you for USD100 per transfer.