Website Failures - Top reason to fail

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Many Successful websites will not say anything about their website failures. You can see them as they are more success than you thin because they have faced that problems and successfully avoided them to increase their ranks.

Website Failures

Many website fails for their own reasons. They are failed because of unpredictable factors (such as contents are not really interesting for specific region even they are very popular around the world, war, weather conditions, etc), and neglected factors( SEO, blogging, etc). They are failed due to their problems but we can learn from these things to increase traffic to our website and avoid failures. I also failed for multiple years to become starting back to my real life. 


Why they fail?

Website Failures, I will not criticize on other but on myself, are mostly come from ignored factors (such as Search Engine Optimization, strict country availability, surroundings) and the emphasizing on unimportant factors (taking multiple hours on choosing which app is the best or choosing the best location for your server hosting which can be solved when traffic high later). Let's check it out Website Failures:

1. Real Hell Design

Many people think that the website which has multiple sectors with flickring items are attracting your website. However, the more flicker the website, the worst the visitor pay attentions to and the load time will increase indefinitely. If you add the flash files, some browsers limit the loading of your website and you will face the hell alive. 

Some people add flickering ads to their website for even worse. For website failures, they are really using them to get paid but for customer, we are more afraid to visit again in many times. The real Hell.

2. Emphasize on unimportant Technology

Website Failures - DisasterA blog is intended for information. If you are very much intended to emphasize on technology such as you can make the content dynamic more and interactivity like gaming, you will fail. Your website needs more to precise to content and the customer visit your blog to read your idea. Not your ads or other attraction. To add some attraction, simply insert links. To see my failures: visit here.

One thing for languages other than English. Especially some bloggers have many problems about language rendering problems in Myanmar. We have to told that make some blog that you love. You can check other parties but making them faster to read and faster to access will make you better thing. 

3. Language Problem

Most of the blogger, including me is trying to make the website bilingual. This is normal because we are not native speakers and we want to get market of our country. However, if you are better at your own language in expressing your ideas, you should go first in your native language. If you are better in English, try to make more in English. I think I am more efficient in Burmese but in other factors such as writing technical contents, I am better in working with English. That's why I finally decided to start an English Blog for my business. This way, you can prevent website failures.

4. Create Perfectionism Content

If you are perfectionism, the website will fail. Everything cannot be perfect for a long time. Even classical stories will not last longer for more than 1000 years. So, if you want your website only for perfect contents. You will FAIL. Write bad contents and you will find you are bad enough to repair yourself and you will become perfect in another way.

5. Afraid to show your idea

In some people, they do not want to show up their ideas to be copied. We are build up by copying others works and add our inventions. That's why we are flying, we are going fast and we are developing. You will get the ideas from other persons and others people will get ideas from your own. Leave that be. Save the world by showing your ideas.

Bonus: Demolishing frequently your website

If you are working with your website for a year, and you don't like your content. Simple demolish your website and start over again. That is really HORRIBLE. You should save your website for long term use for about 10 years at least to make your website work. I saved my website for further use but not currently use back.. LOL. If you have anything to share with us, comment, share and contact below. Thank you.